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I started making floats because the ones I was using did not do what I needed when fishing the waters on the open match circuit (mostly commercials). I was catching fish up to 20lb with bags weighing over 150lb and needed something i could rely on. Before long i then started making them for friends and other anglers on the open circuit and decided to designate more time to doing what I really enjoy, float making and fishing!!

I originally made pole floats for commercial/carp orientated bagging waters were your tackle is more often than not given a lot of stick and tested to its limits but due to popular demand i then extended the range to silver fish and canal floats also.

All my floats are handmade/crafted using the very best material available and built as strong as possible without losing any balance and sensitivity to cope with any situation or challenge they are put up against. There is something for everyone for any scenario, so take a look at the selection and see for yourself.

A.ward winning products.
Thank you for looking and I’m sure that you will be more than happy with your float purchases from us

Since September 2010 right through the winter myself, one of the guys and a well-known coarse angler had been using some of my new floats made from a material that was new to all at andysfloats, we had some very favourable results and some not so favourable.

Now armed with this info we decided it's not the complete material to be able to take over all of our pole float body's but from the beginning of the year 75% of my pole float bodys have now been changed to this closed cell rigid foam which has an amazing psi of 500+. (Do not confuse this foam with the softer or HD foams) itís very light and extremely strong and used in a number of well-known things for example: the bodies and extras on formula 1 racing cars, Apr skis, oh and parts of things that can stay airborne and NOW some of andysfloats float bodyís.

Now that's as technical as it needs to get, so the only thing left for you all to do is go fishing whether itís in a match or pleasure session knowing youíre using one hell of a float

Cheers Andy

NEW!!! - Stronger, More Durable Pencil Floats

After 8 months of prototyping and testing we have developed a new range of pencil floats using new materials and production process to produce stronger, more resilient floats

Flexible Float

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The Spanish carp festival held on lake Arcos, in Jerez, saw the 21 anglers put a staggering 32,433lb of fish on to the scales in just 6 days fishing, with individual day catches to 504lb, a result which would have set a new world match record had it been a continuous match and not split with a break in the middle.

It was Garbolino Bansted / Andysfloat man TERRY MOLLOY who recorded the huge 500lb bag, incredibly consisting of carp averaging 1lb to 3lb, taken on a short pole with sweetcorn, and helping him to win the first weeks contest while also setting a NEW SPANISH RECORD.

Big weight specialist terry caught most of his fish at 3m to 4m on the deck or further out up in the water with strong line, red hydro and a power pencil in 0.6 and kohakus 0.5/0.8 from the Andysfloat range. He used the same floats for three days while others around him were suffering from breakages and were left in amazement at the strength of the the floats and enquiring were to buy them. All this saw him amass a staggering 2,387lb of fish over the two, three day festivals.

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